The Beginning:


Jay Langston began his music career in 200o in Lawrenceville, GA, a small suburb outside of Atlanta. It all started just like a lot of them do: House parties anywhere and everywhere with anyone that can play an instrument.  It quickly evolved into some paying gigs in north Georgia pubs and college hangouts with an acoustic based band made up of mostly friends and friends of friends.  This only lasted a short time and by 2002, Langston had his eyes on something more serious.  After scouting a few players from around the Atlanta area and convincing them to join him, Phoenix Down was formed and quickly relocated to Athens, GA.  After only a few house party gigs and nothing substantial, the chemistry fizzled and vision changed leading to the bands rapid demise.  Not knowing what was next, a chance encounter with the established Athens act, Exit Left, Langston landed an audition to replace lead guitarist Dave Klanac.  He got the gig and immediately began playing shows around the southeast and even landed the band a manager.  Soon, the band began having differences.  During this time, Langston was forming a friendship with Charlie Sheets, frontman/guitarist for the band District 6.  The two shared a musical vision and started discussing a new project.  It wasn’t long before Sheets left his band and Langston left Exit Left with manager in tow.  With Sheets on vocals and Langston on lead guitar, the two began writing furiously.  When the rest of the band was in place, they posted up at a bandmates house in Athens and rehearsed for countless hours before taking their music to Tree Sound Studios just outside of Atlanta to record their debut EP.  Within four months of forming, the band was already touring and playing shows to sold out crowds in Atlanta.  Within a year, they were on the Vans Warped Tour as well as playing festivals overseas.  Shortly after returning home from Europe, Sheets left the band.  They quickly began auditioning singers and landed Peoria, IL native Mathieu Nevitt.  They wasted no time and were back out on the road.  Echovalve were signed to a record deal, recorded 2 full albums (released 1,) 3 EPs (released 2) and toured constantly until they abruptly split in the spring of 2010.

After the split of Echovalve, Langston began writing for a solo project in Tampa, FL.  He soon started recording and producing demos under the name Eye Of The Bird.  In addition to working as a local musician, he was searching for another piece to the puzzle and quickly landed local native West Brook in the summer of 2011.  The two started gigging with Langston singing and handling the guitar duties while West played dobro.  This lasted until 2012 when Langston left town for Chicago, IL where he spent the next 8 years working as a cover artist in the bars and clubs as well as booking music for a few places.  This, in addition to touring in his new band, We The Fierce, as well as a hired gun for Local H, it left little room for the newly named, “LangstonCo” to be a top priority.  Though he was quietly recording a few EPs and playing some select shows, Langston pushed the project to the back-burner.  Until now.  LangstonCo is the priority and will remain that way moving forward.

« This music is gritty and soulful, polished and raw, beautiful and rough. Each song transports you to a new place. Songs like ‘Make Them Listen’ can rally a war cry, while a Bring a man to his knees. it’s absolutely one of a kind!”

             – Lauren O’Neil, Q101 – Chicago’s Alternative Station